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 The Cantina

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Krios Malana
Krios Malana

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PostSubject: The Cantina   Wed May 05, 2010 11:17 pm

((the following takes place in TTS' tavern "The Cantina", no god mode))

A man, wearing a jet black business suit, with slick black hair walks in through the front entrance to the dimly lit tavern. He strolls past the arrangement of tables, most of which are full of local patrons fresh from their middle to low class jobs, to make his way to the bar. Once at the bar he sits in an empty stool between a lovely blonde correllian woman, and a rank smelling wookie. Despite the diversity of species in the room it was a very laid back, easy going environment. Looking around he notices the bartender behind the bar cleaning while keeping an eye on things, at which point looks at the man and says:

"Krios, how nice to see you again sir. How are things going? Is there anything i can get for you?"

"Hello Pete, things are going well, Ill have a couple glasses of rum please" responds krios.

The bartender put down a couple of glasses on the counter, which is so spotless you would think you were in a top class hotel, grabs a bottle of rum and begins to fill them. After adding a few ice cubes to the drinks he slides them over to Krios.

"There you are sir."

Krios grabs one glass off the counter, nods to the bartender, and downs the drink in one gulp. Nothing better than the taste of rum on your lips after a day's work, or at least that's how he thought.

Unsatisfied with the rock hard stool Krios gets up and motions to the bartender "Remind me to order new stools, these ones are as hard as stone."

"Yes sir" replies the easy going bartender. "Would you like to go to your VIP seating?"

Krios nods as he picks up his second glass, at which point the bartender signals to a large Gamorrean bouncer standing at the front door. The bouncer smirks and walks over to a couple sitting in a fancy booth with plush seats in a dark corner near the stage. After a quick mention of who Mr. Malana was the couple stand up and walk towards a smaller booth. Smiling to himself krios makes his way over the booth, drink in hand, and sits in the bench seat to enjoy the local Bith band playing tonight.
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The Cantina
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