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 Ordering Information

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Krios Malana
Krios Malana

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PostSubject: Ordering Information   Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:44 pm

Thank you for choosing to do business with us!

Step 1: Register and post on the Telma Tech Shipyards forums in the Sales Office. Please include the following information: your handle, quantity and type of ship(s) and/or type of service requested, total cost for the order and whether the credits have been sent yet or not and any specific notes you'd like to include (i.e. would appreciate a quick turn around on this, etc).

Step 2: Wait for confirmation post in your order on the forum. Once confirmed send 50% of total payment of the total order to Telma Tech Shipyards as deposit. This deposit is required before we will start production.

Step 3: Once production has ended the remaining amount (50%) must be paid within two weeks of the production end date.

  • Failure to pay either of these deposits will result in the payments being refunded, minus production cost +10% and the product will remain the property of TTS.

Step 4: The ship (or otherwise if applicable) will be madeover to you once full payment has been received.

Step 5: Continue to monitor the progress of your order and feel free to request a status update from us if you require something more specific.

Note: We also offer ship financing through Galactic Bank. See our forum for details.

  • Please note we operate on an order by order basis, we do not carry any overstock for sale.
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Ordering Information
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