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 Job Applications

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Krios Malana
Krios Malana

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PostSubject: Job Applications   Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:52 pm


We look after our own.

About Us

Telma Tech Shipyards is a small, very stable ship production company. We're all very close here and enjoy our jobs. We've been around for a while and have an excellent reputation for delivering on our promises. If your interested in joining a respected faction, that will treat you like family and help YOU find a place in the galaxy, then please consider us. We offer exceptional benefits that are readily available to YOU and normally only found in very large governments. Why be just a number in another faction when you can be a functioning and respected member of Telma Tech?

Positions Available
Logistical Pilots: We're looking for sentients who want to be captain of their own starship. Interested in flying bulk freighters full of materials or transporting other ships across the stars? Feeling the rumble of the deck beneath your feet? Our logistical pilots are the lifeblood that keeps Telma Tech running and operational. This is a vital position and we are looking for those dedicated and willing to work hard. Earn extra bonuses in this position!

Production Engineers: Feel like leaving your mark on the galaxy? Want to to build new things and manage shipyards? If you think you can handle the extra responsibility and would enjoy the satisfaction of watching a ship finish building or a facility standing complete then you are the engineer we're looking for! Requires minimum of leadership skill level 3.

Salaries & Benefits
- 700,000 credits a month.
- 20,000 credits bonus per completion of every assignment - no matter your job!
- Faction ship to use.
- 10% Discount on ALL our ships!
- Level 2 Savings Account with Galactic Bank (great investment of your credits).
- Option to buy available surplus raw materials.
- Factory city to build the things YOU want with the raw materials!

Contact Information

Send a Darkness Message (DM) to: Krios Malana
Visit us on IRC: #cmg-telmatech
Send a join faction join request to: Telma Tech Shipyards
Right hand menu --> Manage --> Faction --> Join Faction --> Choose Telma Tech Shipyards

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Job Applications
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