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 The Race for Coda

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Trorbneck Sciaa Yalac

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PostSubject: The Race for Coda   Sun May 30, 2010 7:12 pm

It has been 7 years from the fall of the Jedi Order. The Imperial Star Destroyer "Vortex" has recently gone missing on a secret mission near the outskirts of the galaxy. A group of pirates, called "The Phantoms" Intercepted the following message before the Vortex went missing.

This is the Star Destroyer Vortex to any Imperial ships. Please respond. We have picked up object, codename "Coda." Shortly afterwards...

Interferance disrupts part of the transmision, and subsides enough to hear what is left of the transmision through the static:

... Malfunctions are happening all over the ship! We need help, life support is failing! Please answer, anyone! We need help, "Coda" is...

The transmission cut off there. Whatever "Coda" was, the Phantoms were going to find out. Their flagship, the "Star Runner", a modded CR-90 with a class .75 hyperdrive and a MGLT speed of 90, and a squad of captured Y-Wings were sent out to investigate. In charge of the taskforce was one of the most feared pirates in the Phantoms, Captain Yalac.

The Pirate Taskforce started out by heading to the Ixtlar system, the last known position of the Vortex. The pirates had to be fast, for the imperials had already sent the Imperial Star Destroyer "Black Menace", commanded by captain krios, to recover the Vortex, and "Coda", at all costs. The imperials had the advantage in size and firepower, but the "Black Menace" was recently sommisioned and had only two squads pf TIE-fighters as their fighter compliment,


Possible sides to join:




Captain: Captain Yalac
Main Ship: CR-90 Corvette "Star Runner"
.75 Hyperspace

Fighter Escort: Y-Wing Squad.

Dat Raber: Y-Wing squad leader "Black-1"
William Black-Granger: "Star Runner" Pilot


Captain: Captain Krios
Main Ship: Imperial Star Destroyer "Black Menace"
2 Hyperspace

Fighter Escort: Two TIE-fighter squads.

Sam Bagley: X-Tie squad leader "Nighthawk-1"


No Godmoding
No flaming/OOC talk, an OOC topic for this RP will be opened.
No innapropriate language except for the occasional swear word when the engineer hit his thumb with a hammer.

RP Mods:
Trorbneck Sciaa Yalac
Krios Malana

Whenever taking a shot at the enemy, One of the combat mods will decide what happened. For example: A fire at B. B is hit and take minor damage to the engines, reducing speed to 10 MGLT.

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Trorbneck Sciaa Yalac

Posts : 30
Join date : 2010-04-23

PostSubject: Re: The Race for Coda   Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:46 pm

[Mod Post]

Day One.


The Star Runner is less than 5 hours out from the last known location of the Vortex. The crew prepare for their mission. Combat stance is ready, and the Y-Wing squadron is being fueled and armed.

[Objective for this turn]

Prepare to come out of hyperspace. Be combat ready.


The Black Menace had been in hypersapce for over a week. The were schedualed to arrive in 4 hours. The entire crew was combat ready, and the fighter squadrons were all fueled and armed. Being just launched, the ship was working with a minimal crew. Their orders where clear. Arrive at the last known position of the Vortex and defend the area from any ships in the area. No ships were to enter the area.

[Objective for this turn]

Prepare to come out of hyperspace. As soon as arrival, launch fighters to defend the area. Attack any ship entering the area.
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The Race for Coda
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